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You can do Science!  Try these fun projects designed and/or tested for Cool Science Clubs.  Each project here can be done with a group of thirty kids as young as third grade or younger.

  Great for an earth day theme!  20 kids can make and fly 20 kites in 20 minutes - using a sheet of (used) paper. 
  Make flashlights electric switches!  Uses inexpensive materials like paper clips and holiday twinkle lights. 
  Make your own Burglar Alarm!
  Easy DIY version of the classic toy.
  Use in conjuction with the next project for a full hour of science - start off by giving the kids gummy worms and talking about .   Click for a polymer game. 
  Easy, bouncy, fun with glue, borax and water.
  Better bathing through chemistry.
  A cool science illusion.
  Make a simple mixture that looks like real blood. 
  They blast off and shoot 30-40 feet in the air!
Simple design that is easy to make and easy to inflate.
Build one for the kids to ride!  External link.
 Split water molecules to create explosive and poisonous gas! 
  Use Chemistry to make real soap!  This method is easy and hands on - each kid makes his own batch
 (external link, you can probably get plenty of wire scraps free from shops that build electric motors and generators.  Follow the instructions carefully in the fifth photo and substitute sand paper for the knife -easier for kids.)  A video of another motor and how it works .   A similar motor  
(Three awesome projects from those "Better Living through Chemistry" people.  Follow these up with a :  Tell the kids to bring their own unopened 2 liter bottle of diet soda for the fountains  (that way you don't have to transport them.)