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Electricity projects
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Electricity Projects for low cost. 

Kids love to use electricricity.  This project gives a lot of bang for the buck.  The Instruction sheets below wil explain the details. 

  • A string of christmas tree lights - the small twinkle light type
  • AA batteries, one or two per kid (see below on how to obtain these for free)
  • Wire strippers (Check the local dollar store - scissors will work, but not as easy.)
  • A wooden clothes pin
  • rubber band, (fat and short - 1/4 inch wide by 2 inches long works best)
  • a playing card (or similar material - like a cut up file folder)
  • some aluminun foil

Instructions: (See PDF files below as well)

  1. Cut the christmas tree lights apart so each light has about 3 inches of wire on each side of it.  Sometimes it is best to 'sacrifice" every other twinkle light so you can have longer lead wires.  Strip the plastic insulation off the ends of the wires. 
  2. Touch the ends of the wires to the ends of a AA battery - one wire touches each end.  The light should light up.
  3. Make a battery holder.  Wrap a playing card around two batteries end to end (the bump end of one batter should touch the flat end of the other).  Secure with a piece of tape.  Place a rubber band around the batteries end to end.  Make a tiny foil ball on the end of your wires and place them on the battery ends so the rubber band holds them in place. 
  4. See the Instruction sheets below for more details. 

Safety Notes:
  • Keep the lights and wires away from wall current.  Supervise the kids in this regard.\
  • Dispose of the plug from the tree lights immediately.


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