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 Creep out your friends and parents!


plastic spoon
small disposable cup
clear corn syrup - 2 spoonfuls
flour - 1 spoonful
red food coloring - 8 to 10 drops
cocoa powder - 1/4 spoonful


Pour 2 spoonfuls of clear corn syrup in a small cup. Add one spoonful of flour and mix well. Add more flour if necessary to make the mixture thick, but still drip off the spoon. Add 8 drops of food color or just enough to make the mixture bright red. Then add 1/4 spoonful of cocoa powder - or just enough to make the fake blood reddish brown.

Cautions: Food color and fake blood can stain fabrics and other materials!

The Science: This is an example of a mixture. The various substances mix together without a chemical reaction.